Community Services

SVS Hospital has been participating actively in various National and State Govt. Health care programs. National program for blindness control, Rehabilitation of Polio affected patients, screening and rehabilitation of mentally retarded patients, screening of population for early detection of some common cancers etc.

With the help of Govt. and sponsorships from NGO’s, more than 1000 corrective surgeries for polio affected patients have been done. In addition more than 5300 eye operations have been done.

We also conduct special camps regularly in different locations in the district where in the people are screened for various diseases, and administered various preventive medicines etc


The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Program – Mahbubnagar:

Mahbubnagar is one of the most backward districts of Andhra Pradesh. The district is characterized by high out migration due to recurring droughts and lack of employment opportunities. Female sex ratio is high, but it reflects only the large-scale migration of men, leaving women and children to eke out a precarious livelihood. Drop out rate among children, especially girls, is very high (59.5%).Female literacy is one of the lowest in the state in large parts of the district (25-34%) as against the state average of 51.5%.. Keeping in mind the above indicator, SVS through its community and social preventive medicine department (SPM) has developed a RCH programme to improve the overall health.

Developed 3 more community health centres in addition to Devarkadra, Bhutpur and Yedina and appoint more paediatricians and staff nurses to increase the services

Trained the MNM and health workers to coordinate with local Mahila sabhas and other NGOs and educate the rural men and women on the concept of small family, family planning, spacing and other related health issues.

Attached the students of the Colleges to group of families for follow up and review as a part of the SPM curriculum the concept of Safe delivery . It was ensured through a) early registration of pregnant women(b) Minimum three check ups during pregnancy, TT immunization, IFA tablets for treatment of anaemia ( c ) Post –natal check ups for 6 weeks after delivery.

Health status of an infant is dependent on the health of the pregnant mother and hence the students started monitoring and assisted in the following areas:


Radio imaging and diagnosis generates vital information for the treatment of many diseases, including cancer. The Radiology Department of the SVS Medical College Hospital has advanced imaging facilities and a team of qualified and experienced faculty. The department provides 24-hour service to the hospital and also involves students in the diagnostic procedures

Infrastructure : The department has excellent facilities for radio imaging, such as ultrasound scan machines, a color Doppler, a CT scan Xray500- 800/ mobile X-ray units and MRI scan