Major Projects

At SVS, great emphasis is placed on research and its integration in medical practice. The Institution has clinical partnerships and collaborations- both nationally and internationally. Research activities address a number of key themes which include general and mental health, palliative and end of life care.  Varied research opportunities are available for postgraduate students, as well as summer studentships for undergraduate students.

The Hospital has an exclusive Clinical Trials Facility that adheres to the requirements and accreditations prescribed by national and international authorities and takes care of the privacy and confidentiality of the patients besides documentation and analysis of the data.

The animal research facility here adheres to the principles of good laboratory practices and CPCSEA guidelines of the Government of India.

The SVS campus also has an in-vitro lab with facility to conduct toxicology and efficacy studies. The lab is in accordance with GLP guidelines, and a GLP certification will be pursued shortly, making it unique for a medical college.

At the moment, — students are engaged in research and clinical investigators, conducting studies on campus and at our affiliated institutions, on varied topics like prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and emerging public health threats.

We welcome enquiries in this area.

Research funding

To know about funding opportunities, make applications for funding and the contact details for further guidance.