SVS Help Line

SVS Help Line : Toll Free Number :18004250055

Student Life

While the focus of your time at SVS is primarily academic, the College provides for an active campus life that helps in building relationships that will enrich you for a lifetime.


Academic & Student Affairs:

SVS provides a pleasant atmosphere where students can feel comfortable and confident in seeking assistance. Students are free to bring questions or problems relating to College policies and resources, queries on admissions/enrolments/scholarships/exams/personal welfare as well as any issues relating to daily life to the Administrative Office that serves as a referral network and a hub for many student activities.

Student Associations:

Being a part of an Association is a great way to connect with others, develop your professional skills and become an active member of the faculty’s academic community.

Faculty Support:

To foster a community spirit and a sense of belonging the Faculty at SVS plays host and organizes workshops, seminars and conferences and visiting faculty lectures that provides a great opportunity for networking besides widening the learning curve.

Counseling and Student Support:

The Campus has a dedicated team to handle student related issues like assessments, crisis and short-term counseling, and confidential referrals to a broad range of counseling professionals. Both short-term and long-term counseling is available to the students.

Services include short- term psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group therapy (support groups), stress management training, drug treatment and academic counseling.


SVS believes in providing the opportunity for qualified students to achieve their educational and professional goals each year. The College effectively uses the resources from private scholarship sources/ alumni offers to enable funding for deserving students through Scholarships/ Grant Programs/Loans and Work and Study options.

The students can access SC, ST, BC, EBC, Minority & Scholarships from Other Charitable Trusts besides the Prathiba Awards from Board ofIntermediate, Andhra Pradesh besides the awards instituted by the Faculty & Management of SVS. 

Student Activities & Organizations:

The Student Groups at SVS organize important formal and informal social activities throughout the year to enhance the congenial college atmosphere. There are regular sport activities –cricket, football, tennis, basketball and plenty of outdoor activities. Faculty participation in many of these activities encourages the “esprit de corps” that exists between the faculty and students.

The College also plans to bring out an SVS newsletter to provide a healthy intellectual diversion.


A diverse group of Alumni represents a variety of class years, geography and program affiliations. The College Alumni is a great way to stay connected with the Institution and SVS has always valued their involvement in strengthening the college community. The Alumni at the College has continuously worked with the students at various levels- mentoring to career support and scholarships. 

Medical support services:

It is important that you know what to do and who to contact in case of a medical emergency.

If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, there is a Campus Security or Dean On-Call service.

Appropriate first –aid instructions have been provided in the Hostel Handbook and all students are expected to follow it.


SVS understands that parental support is very crucial for the success of every student. There is a well established parental network at the College that allows parents of both the freshers and seniors to connect and become allies with the Management and Faculty to enhance the learning experience. A regular communication flow between the College and parents provides information on student issues/functions, rules and procedures of the College and campus events.